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A small application that performs calculations to ease your investment decisions
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StockMonkey is a small application that performs statistic calculations to ease your investment decisions by inserting basic data including trading conditions, shares purchased, and price.
The program works with the most common variables: commissions (flat rate, or commission rate with minimum and maximum values), stamp duty, Marginal Purchase (date purchased, date sold, annual interest rate, margin), number of units, initial price, selling price.
Results you can obtain with this tool include amount risked, Break even unit price, Lower re-purchase, Total Amount lost to fees, divided into PTM levy, commissions (On purchase, On sale), Stamp duty, Marginal interest, Amount recovered, profit margin, and Net profit on sale.
Currencies for calculations can be US Dollars, Pounds, or Euros.
StockMonkey is a very simple tool with a graphic and intuitive user interface that will help you perform general calculations to make investment decisions, it has no advanced options, graphics or information about specific markets or companies, but it will certainly help you with basic analysis. This program is freeware so you can download and test it with no cost.

Daniel Verdesoto
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  • Calculates complex statistics
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